Mutant manifesto

Follow-up of: Mutation, users manual


Our forebears dreamed of a space odyssey in the year 2001, where intelligent computers could see their Australopithecus ancestors in the blink of an eye. Instead of this, they limit us more and more every day to the monotonous control of this planet. The principle of precaution has become infinitely cancerous and corrupts the spirit: more and more comfort, less and less risk, more and more security, less and less courage. We donít create anything, we donít change anything, we keep everything the same.  In short, we are suffocating.  

There are no ideas, no plans, and no horizons. In evolutionary terms this means the following: there is no mutation or variation, thus no more choices or change. The principle is simple; those who reproduce with no change cannot adapt and will disappear in the end. Diversity is life. Uniformity is death. Do you want to end your days as a fossil, with your mouth gaping open watching in astonishment as an asteroid smashes into the blue planet? Well, we donít!

We are different. We are the first Mutants.  

We enjoy life, constantly changing faster and further. We want to become the beginning of the future. We want to change life, in the real sense of the word, no longer in the figurative sense. We want to create new species, use human clones, choose our genes, shape our minds and bodies, control germs, devour transgenic feasts, donate our extra cells, see in infrared, hear ultrasound, feel pheromones, cultivate our genes, replace our neurones, make love in space, converse with robots, test modified cerebral states, add new senses, last twenty years or two centuries, live on the Moon, settle on Mars, become familiar with the galaxies. Inside us we have the most civilised and the wildest aspects, the most refined and the most barbaric, the most complex and the most uncomplicated, the most rational and the most passionate.  Everything is mixed together on a clear morning and the deadly half-heartedness of time gone by is nothing more than a bad memory.

We are lifeís secret agents. Life doesnít know it yet.

We, Darwinís angry grandchildren, claim the right of Ďnon-precautionary principle. The reason is that it has led the world since it began. He who ventures nothing gains nothing. Evolution has understood this for 3.5 million years but the human primate for only 15 short decades. It is time to make up for this delay.

Do we have a choice? Some people believe so and they wish they could go back to the good old days that they never knew; so much the better for them! We feel neither hatred nor contempt. We like variety, even that of the human species yet to come. At a crossroads, each of us must choose our direction.  Our ancestors did this and we follow in their footsteps. After all is said and done, the last evolutionary leap that separated us from our near relatives, the apes, has not done too badly for one or the other. Now that this story is over, we simply wish to begin another.

In complete freedom.

In total innocence.

Far away the stars that await us since the beginning of the universe are twinkling. It is midnight, Dr. Faustus. We will evolve and nobody can stop us.

"In those distant times, most men had not yet weighed all the consequences of their discoveries. They didnít believe in God anymore, but they imagined themselves under his control.  They had lost their souls, but they knew better than to do the same with their cumbersome brains. Above all, they would rather not choose than face the consequences of their choices. Then the first Mutants arrivedĒ. The Book of Changes (Standard year 3913)


Mutation, user manual


As the name suggests, the aim of a Manifesto is to demonstrate a phenomenon that previously existed. Here is the user manual for mutation.

1. This is not merely a text: it is a network of neurones created in the human brain and provisionally represented by words.

2. While reading it, your own brain has slightly modified its electrical and chemical connections.  If the text has made you feel enthusiastic or appalled, the modifications even concern these deeper emotional areas.

3. In other words, your brain has already mutated. When reaching a large dimension, these mental mutations will one-day lead to real mutation, this means an action to organise a bio-technical mutation.

4.Whether you like it or not, this text is an integral part of your spirit. You have three choices, to forget it, keep it to yourself or inform others of it. Above all, donít think that you can fight against this text. For example, telling people to be careful actually results in spreading it around, which means increasing the probability of Mutation.

5. If you are a mutant, this text has struck an equivalent neuronal connection that is already present in you. You feel a need to spread it around. This need for reproduction is the principle of life itself, the oldest and the most powerful.

6. Therefore, the procedure is very simple: you just need to copy and paste and send the manifesto to anybody you like. In a few days it will go around the world and come into contact with millions of spirits. This is much faster than an advantageous genetic mutation that takes advantage of a population in its natural state (this is our advantage over evolution).

7. We strongly recommend your modifying the text to your liking or else changing it in sound or appearance. You are in fact the best judge of how it can best penetrate the spirits of the people around you; a sentence with no meaning can be removed, another sentence added. The most important thing is to preserve the central idea: we must mutate to evolve. The words related to this idea are only surface receptors that are designed to cling to the neurones and reveal the Mutation.

8. The text itself is thus in permanent mutation. Moreover, the version that you will receive will very likely not be the original version, but this is of little importance. The modifications that you may make will be your own personal contribution to the Mutation.

9. In no time at all, you will see similarities emerge. So the next ten centuries will be unquestionably decidedÖ.


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